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John Babikian
2 min readAug 15, 2022

John Babikian’s Social Media Management Tools

John Babikian is an online media marketing specialist. John explains the philosophy of online marketing.

According to Mr. Babikian, quality content is digital creations that are targeted for a specific audience and provides them with some sort of value. This doesn’t mean that the older version of your content is not valuable or good, however some users don’t understand your content right away and look at it as boring.

This is where engagement comes in. After all, in today’s society, products do not sell themselves. Learn about the best way to market and promote your products and services! When users are engaged with your content they are more likely to read it and enjoy it because they can relate to it.

The first tool John Babikian recommends to market and promote online is Twitter gives you the opportunity to expose your thoughts to friends and followers. In addition, the site allows you to interact with the community by voicing your opinion. Advertising is the lifeblood of any business, and should be considered an integral part of a company’s marketing strategy.

Improved Content: A successful advertising campaign should help promote a company’s message and grow their market share, while keeping overhead costs low.

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John Babikian suggests several effective methods for promoting a product. Some of the most effective include word-of-mouth, online advertising, and free samples to try.



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